The Internet is for Porn

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Internet Porn FAQ

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Top 5 Ways to Hide Porn from Your Spouse

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5. Surf for porn at work…everyone else does…unless your company has a strict policy against, don’t get fired for it. Also consider internet cafes at lunch time for cruising time…a great stress reliever as well.

4. Never ever ever buy DVDs and keep them in the house. She’ll sniff it out before you can say “It’s not mine.” If you want DVDs store them with the spare tire in your car or with the fishing gear in the garage, she’ll never look there.

3. If you surf for porn at home ALWAYS clear your browser history and cache. Women have a sixth sense for snooping, and she will find out what you’re looking at online. Make sure you have multiple tabs open in your browser and use ctrl + tab if she stops in to see what you’re doing. Ctrl + tab is your friend.

2.  NEVER EVER download pics onto your hard drive. You may think you’ll want to look at them later, but the chances are you’ll get busted for them before you ever get the chance. There are tons of free pics out there to just look at, don’t save the shit.

1.  Make sure all purchases of porn, or adult chat don’t involve the family credit card. One thing women always keep an eye on is the money! Don’t think she won’t notice if you’ve got $100 bill for an anonymous online service. In a woman’s mind, that $100 is hers, don’t be going and spending her money.

New Hot XXX from Digital Playground

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Digital Playground is releasing Cheerleaders next week! I got a sneak peek at the title and it is HOT HOT HOT! Check out the cast list:

Sophia Santi , Shay Jordan, Stoya, Adrianna Lynn, Jesse Jane, Brianna Love, Memphis Monroe, Lexxi Tyler, Alexis Texas, Erik Everhard, Manuel Ferrara, Tommy Gunn and more, more, more!

There is some serious all girl orgy action in this movie that you’ll have to check out!

Cheerleaders front cover


New Boobies for Nikki Benz

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Nikki Benz, a so so starlet, has announced she just got new boobs. I already thought she had a gnarly tit job, I’m hoping the new one is a bit better. It’s also total bullshit her website is down since she left Pornstar Dollars — you’d think she’d be making enough cash to pay her fucking webmasters……….plus, WTF is with the beef taco down south…ewww

Stats on Nikki:

Height: 5′ 5″

Hair: Blonde

Measurements : 36D-24-36

Birth Place : UkraineNikki Benz Courtesy Danni.comNikki Benz Courtesy


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WTF!?! It’s Just Porn!

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Why do people make such a big deal out of tits and cock!?! It’s just sex, not a foreign government negotiation. I’m starting this blog because it drives me fucking nuts that people both in and out of the porn industry make such a stink about it. Those inside the porn industry lose touch with what people really want (hardcore fucking action for free or really cheap) and people outside the biz are too socially warped by the taboo surrounding porn to openly appreciate and demand good porn. Time to cut through the bullshit. There’s good porn out there waiting to be enjoyed by the masses of men and women who need help masturbating. It’s okay to touch yourself!